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Forever Brilliant Moissanite Earrings Set 14k White Gold Basket Setting with Friction Back 1 - 4 carat weight Choose Your Own Sizes

Joseph Diamonds

$ 499.00

This listing is for a beautiful pair of 5mm-8mm round Forever Brilliant Moissanite stones in the sizes of your choice. A great alternative to natural diamonds, Forever Brilliant Moissanite is tougher with more luster and brilliance than any other simulant diamond.

These well crafted solid 14k white gold diamond earrings beautiful and sparkly made in the USA not overseas. The earrings are a 4 prong basket style head and friction backed.

I can do them in 14k white or yellow gold.

I am here to help so please don't hesitate to ask questions. Please allow approx. 3-5 business days to create and ship your new earrings.

For more info on Forever Brilliant Moissanite by Charles & Colvard please read below.


Born of ancient stardust, moissanite was first discovered in the pieces of a fiery meteor. Now thanks to a revolutionary technological breakthrough, Charles & Colvard® has created the world’s most stunning moissanite stone. Forever Brilliant® is up to four shades whiter than conventional moissanite. Whiter, so its sparkle is noticeably brighter. Purified, until it dances with light. With an intrinsic fire that reflects a woman’s inner beauty. Side-by-side with any gem, there’s no comparison. Forever Brilliant is the full realization of this celestial gem’s true potential for inner beauty.


Forever Brilliant is up to four shades whiter than conventional moissanite, enhancing this gem’s off-the-charts refraction. With ten percent (10%) more brilliance than diamond, Forever Brilliant explodes with light. Its icy color is perfect in platinum and gorgeous in white gold. One-tenth the price of a comparable quality diamond, Forever Brilliant requires less investment to make a more brilliant statement. Forever Brilliant offers consumers the most beauty for any budget.


A patented two-step process creates jewels that dazzle from across the room even by candlelight. Each crystal is grown slowly, subjecting silicon and carbon to tremendous heat and pressure for days until a precious crystal of moissanite takes shape. Only the best are chosen to become Forever Brilliant. Next, each rough is oriented for maximum brilliance and polished by hand to perfect proportions until it dances with scintillation. Finally, these select gems are enhanced through a proprietary process to purify the crystal lattice.

With a hardness of 9.25, Forever Brilliant’s icy white brilliance will last for generations. Every Forever Brilliant stone comes with a certificate of authenticity and a Limited Lifetime Warranty from Charles & Colvard. A laser inscription on the girdle of stones measuring larger than 5mm confirms that each Forever Brilliant gem meets Charles & Colvard’s high standards.

Inspired by ancient stardust, moissanite was first discovered in a fiery meteor. Forever Brilliant is the full realization of this celestial gem’s true potential for inner beauty.

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