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Forever One Colorless Round Brilliant Cut Moissanite

Joseph Diamonds

$ 239.00

This listing is for a round brilliant Forever One Moissanite created by Charles & Colvard. Please see available sizes. Forever one Moissanite stones are D-E-F colorless and near perfect stones. They are the nicest stones that Charles & Colvard has produced so far.

These are limited and have just been released, get them ahead of the holidays! Here is more info from Charles & Colvard below...


It’s been twenty years since we created the world’s
first gem−quality moissanite.

Now, we proudly introduce Charles & Colvard Forever OneTM, an exclusive series of pure, colorless D-E-F moissanite gems. Artfully crafted, this ethical, socially responsible gem is the one choice for eternal brilliance.