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Lannyte Diamond Cushion Engagement Ring 14k White Gold 1, 1.5, 2,3 ct. w/ Diamond Baguettes

Joseph Diamonds

$ 1,849.00

This listing is for a new custom gorgeous Lannyte Simulated Diamond Cushion Cut engagement ring.
Your options are 1, 1.5, 2, and 3 ct cushion cut center stones for your ring and it can be made into a set.

This is a classic tapered baguette style engagement ring. All of the baguette diamonds are natural G-H in color SI-2-3 in clarity. Approx .33 cts of natural diamonds.

My settings are beautifully crafted and made in the USA. JD122394

If you want elegant beauty and want to save tens of thousands of dollars, my Lannyte engagement rings are the best choice hands down.

I provide engravings, and choices in platinum or rose gold as well as 18k white gold.

***Please convo me with any questions or a customization request.*** If your ring size is not included in the drop down box, please convo me for a sizing quote.

These settings will be custom made to order for you, please allow 2-3 weeks to ship.

***Lannyte stones are the finest diamond simulants available and you will not be disappointed***

Lannyte stones don't fade, or change over time. They are extremely durable and singly refractive like a natural diamond. They are D-E in color and have perfect clarity. The best part of owning a Lannyte diamond is that it is guaranteed against chips, breaks, and scratches for life.

*Please read below for more information about why you should choose Lannyte over other simulants or cubic zirconia and the lifetime guarantee that you will receive on your new Lannyte diamond. See the guarantee image above!

What is a Lannyte Simulated Diamond?

Lannyte Company's proprietary minerals are individually hand cut by top cutters to the precise ideal diamond proportions. Lannyte Diamond cutters have taken this simulant to the next level and actually polish the girdle to the same standards as any mined cut diamond. It is rare that a lab- grown simulants company would take a simulant diamond to this level. It is a very time consuming and expensive part of the cut and polish process for any stone. It does add a little to the cost but what you get is the ultimate simulated diamond that is created from is a true crisp diamond look with the fiery brilliance and radiant beauty you've come to expect from a genuine mined diamond. The end result is a diamond simulant that is visually identical to a natural diamond. In fact, without performing a specific gravity test or examination under a high powered microscope, accredited gemologists have difficulty seeing the difference between natural mined diamonds and Lannyte simulated diamonds!

How Durable are Lannyte simulated diamonds?

Unlike natural diamonds, they are free of any inclusions and flaws. Lannyte vs. CZ : CZ's are much softer than Lannyte Diamonds and scratch and chip easily. The chemical composition of a CZ becomes milky and cloudy in a short period of time. In an attempt to imitate a diamond or Lannyte Diamond, CZ's are usually faceted, however, due to the softness of CZ's, the faceting is not crisp and sharp. They are very inexpensive and short lived stones.

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