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New 1-10 ct OVAL SHAPED Lannyte Lab Created Ruby


$ 175.00

This listing is for an Oval shape Lannyte lab created Ruby. I can't say enough about how beautiful this gemstone is. The color is spectacular and it rivals the finest Burmese rubies for a fraction of the price. Lab created gemstones are identical in make up and in look, these are not simulants but real lab created gemstones from the same corundum that a natural ruby is created from. Each stone is hand cut to perfect proportions and have faceted girdles ensuring the highest quality gem.

***They are available in all sizes and shapes, just email if you need a different shape or size than what is listed. ***

Size guide for Oval Rubies: Size is what counts with gems, not carat weight but just for your reference
7x5mm= approx 1 ct, 10x8= approx 3-4 ct, 12x10mm = approx 7 ct, 14x12mm = approx 10 carats

Lannyte stones don't fade, or change over time. The best part of owning a Lannyte diamond is that it is guaranteed against chips, breaks, and scratches for life.