Buy Diamonds from a Local Diamond Broker

Buy Diamonds from a Local Diamond Broker

Finding a broker that specializes in buying and selling loose diamonds in Kansas City is easier than ever. There are lots of options as far as retail jewelry stores go, but very little in the way of having a personal diamond broker helping you choose the best diamond for your hard earned money.

Joseph Diamonds specializes in fine loose diamonds from .50-10ct+. We work with all budgets and have many options with our loose diamond inventory. There are retailers that post other companies inventory for sale to the public, but we don't work that way. We are true diamond brokers with a steady stream of diamonds being being bought and sold for cash prices. What does that mean? It means you are getting a better stone with for your money. 

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Buying a loose diamond is a big decision, read our reviews and see what separates us from the rest. Spectacular diamonds and fine gems are available to you at the best prices in Kansas City.

Set a time to come in. Joseph Diamonds is a highly rated and trusted diamond broker in the Kansas City area.

We are not limited to just diamonds! We are luxury watch and gem brokers too.

For more details contact us at 913-242-7150 or visit

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