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Kansas City Diamond Buyers

Joseph Diamonds is the best diamond buyer in Kansas City. We are by appointment, specialized diamond and jewelry professionals offering you the most for your items. Sell diamond rings with confidence, our buying office is located in Overland Park and it is a safe and secure place to do business. Call or make an appointment today.

Sell Diamonds in Overland Park

Everyone is coming from a different place in their lives and selling your diamond might be an emotional process. We are trustworthy and professional diamond buyers in Overland Park offering you a safe and secure environment to bring your items in. No shipping is required and you get paid when you approve of our offer. Why risk shipping and wasting time, we are here when you need to sell diamonds in KC. Ready to sell and need cash today, we are a better option than than jewelry stores. Consignment can take months to years with poor results, we can buy your diamonds immediately.

Diamond Buyers Near Me

Sell Diamonds in Kansas City. All shapes and colors are purchased, you will see more value in diamonds at least .75ct and higher. Old European shapes to modern round brilliant diamonds and in between are evaluated by us. Bring grading papers on the diamond you would like to sell from GIA or another independent lab, its not required but could prove helpful.

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How do you Value My Diamond?

That's the million dollar question. All diamonds are different and it takes numerous factors to come to a value. We are pros at putting everything together and making the best offers when we value your diamond. Color, cut, clarity, and carat weight are just the stepping stones to getting an accurate market value at the time of sale. Read our reviews and see what makes us different from everyone else.

Why Sell to Joseph Diamonds?

We are highly rated diamond and jewelry buyers that will put your best interest first when you are selling your diamond ring. We will present the best pricing and allow you to make a decision with no pressure to sell. Joseph Diamonds is interested in long term client relationships and not fly by night business practices. You are working with a trusted partner when you decide to sell your diamonds with us. Don't ship your diamond, come in and see us today.

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