Getting the Most Money When You Sell Jewelry in KC

Getting the Most Money When You Sell Jewelry in KC

So, you want to sell jewelry in KC. For starters you need to go somewhere that will evaluate your jewelry properly factoring in everything from the design, manufacturer, stone quality and type etc. Some pieces are more difficult to price than others. Here is a running list of questions that we look for in a jewelry evaluation.

  1. Is your jewelry desirable, ie. is it easy to resell or is it dated or vintage?
  2. What is the quality of materials in your items, is it high karat gold or platinum?
  3. Are there precious stones or diamonds?
  4. What's the diamond quality, 4 C's and more in depth analysis of your diamond?
  5. Lastly based on your research, does the company have a proven track record of buying jewelry?

Your jewelry may fall in to a number of different categories from commercial pieces to highly desirable designer or custom jewelry. If you need to sell gold, find a jewelry buyer, or sell your diamond ring we can assist you.

Joseph Diamonds, Kansas City's Best Jewelry Buyer takes all of these things and more into consideration. We have a proven track record of taking care of people and describing in detail the jewelry presented. All of that gets you the most money for your jewelry and diamonds in KC.

Your jewelry, gold, luxury watch, and diamonds will be evaluated right in front of you with all things considered per piece. That kind of experience can only gained with years of buying experience and millions of dollars paid out to our clients with no waiting time.

Set a time to bring your items in. Joseph Diamonds is a highly rated and trusted diamond and jewelry buyer in the Kansas City area.

We are not limited to just diamonds! We buy luxury watches, precious metals, and fine gems too. 

For more details contact us at 913-242-7150 or visit

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