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The year 2017 has introduced some of the most outstanding styles and designs of engagement rings. A lot of these trending styles of engagement rings are based on the evolution of the past styles, which are added with some special details to keep them unique and fresh. These newly emerged engagement ring styles are going to stay in the market for some time. At Joseph Diamonds, we are always on the cutting edge of custom engagement ring designs and the combination of our innovative styles and our clients’ new ideas make some gorgeous finished rings. We sell customized engagement rings in Kansas City that you will not get anywhere else. Each of our customized engagement rings is one of a kind. So, if you need something unique and special you can design a custom engagement ring from Joseph Diamonds in Kansas City.

Engagement Ring

While engagement ring trends take more time to evolve than fashion trends we are counting on the following styles to be popular in 2018:

1. Cathedral Engagement Ring Design:

This is probably the most common engagement ring design that comes to mind when thinking about the upcoming trends. In the past, usually, the engagement ring center stones tend to sit very high-off the setting for a bright effect. Nevertheless, if a diamond is set too high, it may become uncomfortable for the wearer resulting in catching and snagging on clothing. The Cathedral Engagement ring design creates an extra attachment of the band to the center diamond giving effect of a lower set ring.

The cathedral engagement ring designs create a fluid-like appearance where the band center diamond connects directly at the top and bottom. As per our understanding, Cathedral engagement rings can be more comfortable for the wearer and result in a more low maintenance ring for everyday wear. Wish to have an exclusively designed cathedral engagement ring in Kansas City? Contact Joseph Diamonds Custom Jewelers! They sell beautifully designed custom engagement rings in Kansas City that are one of a kind.

 2. Solitaire Engagement Rings with Subtle Details:

Solitaire engagement rings are in high demand this year. Typically, a solitaire means that the band is completely free of any gemstones. The simplicity and elegance of a solitaire ring allow the center diamond or gem of your choice to really stand out. While the solitaire engagement ring design has the center as its main focal point, we think that adding subtle details such as diamonds on the basket make a really nice statement. Another option is to add some detail to the metal such as a spilt band. The addition of these subtle makes an otherwise simple ring more personalized and instantly come to life. Another one of our solitaire favorites is this round cut cathedral-style design featuring scrollwork underneath the basket. If you are looking something with a vintage feel, consider a braided solid band engagement ring that adds a funky and earthy touch.

In order to get more solitaire engagement ring design ideas, talk to the jewelers of Joseph Diamonds today!! At Joseph Diamonds, they sell customized solitaire engagement rings at good value in Kansas City. So, get in touch with them today and get the most authentic one for your fiancée.

3. Yellow Gold: White gold and platinum engagement rings are thought of as traditional engagement ring colors since they look great in all skin tones and give a brightened effect to your engagement ring set. Aside from the traditional white metal, there is a huge rise seen for colored metal rings and rose gold rings in particular. Rose gold tends to blend in with a lot of skin tones creating a more delicate and “barely there” appearance. However, we foresee the original “gold” also called ‘yellow gold’ making a big appearance this year. Of all the colored metal options yellow gold is the brightest and stands out most on majority of skin tones.

Yellow Gold Ring

Yellow also works amazingly well as a two-tone option for many of our custom engagement rings. Don’t be afraid to mix metals as well! If you already have a white gold engagement ring you can also opt for a colored gold wedding band for a pop of color.

Consult with our jewelers and get more design ideas for creating a unique ‘yellow gold’ engagement ring. We at Joseph Diamonds are always available at your service, whether you need help to pick a unique engagement ring or want to design a custom engagement ring for her.

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