Kansas City Diamond Buyer, Tips for Selling Your Diamond Ring in Kansas City

Kansas City Diamond Buyer

You may have been holding on to a diamond ring from a previous marriage or inherited a diamond ring you don't know how to sell. We take pride in making this as easy and streamlined as possible for our customers. Here are a few tips that will help you get the best result when selling your diamond ring in Kansas City.

  1. If you have a diamond grading report bring it with you. Some are better than others, and GIA is the standard for the diamond industry.
  2. Have your diamond ring or jewelry cleaned prior to coming if possible. It will help the diamond grader identify the stones characteristics and better value your diamond.
  3. Expect offers under appraised values when you are selling your items. Some times you will have an appraisal from a jewelry store or appraisal company for your diamond/jewelry. Appraisals are written for insurance replacement only and are usually above retail prices. The true market value when selling your jewelry will not reflect retail and appraisal numbers.
  4. Ask how you are going to get paid for your item. Some businesses require that you send your diamonds and jewelry in for an offer. Joseph Diamonds will pay you for your diamonds and jewelry when you come in, no waiting.

We are here at your service, Joseph Diamonds is committed to building long term client relationships. Having a trusted diamond and jewelry professional will serve you well in the years to come.  If you need assistance selling your jewelry or are looking for a local diamond buyer please contact Joseph Diamonds in Kansas City. 

Set a time to bring your items in. Joseph Diamonds is a highly rated and trusted diamond and jewelry buyer in the Kansas City area.

We are not limited to just diamonds! We buy luxury watches, precious metals, and fine gems too. 

For more details contact us at 913-242-7150 or visit

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