Selling Your Large Diamond in Kansas City

Selling Your Large Diamond in Kansas City

Selling your large diamond or luxury jewelry is a big step and you should consider a number of factors when making a decision on where to sell. There are lots of less than savory businesses out to make a quick buck. Look for a buyer that has a history of good transactions and specializes in purchases like this. Do they know they market well? Do they have to get permission to make a purchase? How do they pay? These are just a few questions you should consider.

Joseph Diamonds specializes in buying and selling large diamonds nationwide and we have a safe and secure Kansas City location for you to bring your items in for evaluation. From 1 to 10 carats + we have the resources and knowledge to purchase your loose diamond and luxury jewelry without any hoops to jump through.

Large Diamond Buyer, Loose Diamond Buyers in Kansas City

We are here at your service, Joseph Diamonds is committed to building long term client relationships. Having a trusted diamond and jewelry professional will serve you well in the years to come.  If you need assistance selling your jewelry or are looking for a local diamond buyer please contact Joseph Diamonds in Kansas City. 

Set a time to bring your items in. Joseph Diamonds is a highly rated and trusted diamond and jewelry buyer in the Kansas City area.

We are not limited to just diamonds! We buy luxury watches, precious metals, and fine gems too. 

For more details contact us at 913-242-7150 or visit

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