Antique 10k Locket Pendant with Photo Estate

Product image 1Estate 10k Antique Locket Pendant with Photo - Joseph Diamonds
Product image 2Estate 10k Antique Locket Pendant with Photo - Joseph Diamonds
Product image 3Estate 10k Antique Locket Pendant with Photo - Joseph Diamonds

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History of the Antique 10k Locket Pendant,Intricate Details of the Locket,Why Choose Antique 10k Locket Pendant

This listing is for a 10k yellow gold and enamel antique locket. The outer shell is 10k solid gold with a small seed pearl and it opens and closes with no issue. This locket is approx 1.5"x1"

Lockets have been in existence since the times of ancient civilizations, serving as important keepsakes of loved ones and memories. Our Antique 10k Locket Pendant boasts of an illustrious and rich history, making it a prized estate item that effortlessly stands out.

The locket showcases a picture perfect craftsmanship with intricate details that are reflective of the era it was crafted in. The 10k gold lends it a radiant glow that complements the timeless antique appeal. Inside the locket, there’s a beautiful photo slot that houses your precious pictures prominently.

With it's history, flawless design and the allure of a bygone era, the Antique 10k Locket Pendant is more than just jewelry. It's a memorable treasure that captures and tells your unique story, making it a beautiful sentiment that can be passed down through generations. This locket pendant is an exquisite blend of beauty, history, and sentimental value.

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