Your Kansas City Rolex Buyer

Your Kansas City Rolex Buyer

Rolex watches have enjoyed serious demand over the last century for making phenomenal time pieces constructed of the finest materials. Many collect or inherit their Rolex from family members. If you no longer wear your watch, selling your Rolex in Kansas City has never been easier. 

Many of our clients have traded up or no longer wear their Rolex and need a safe way to sell their watch while still realizing the best value. We have a very simple process as a local Rolex Buyer. Just bring your Rolex in with all papers, tags, box, and receipt if available with the watch. If you don't have anything to support the watch we can evaluate it to check for authenticity.

We don't send your items off, you will get paid for your watch at the time of sale. Below is a Rolex GMT Master II that we purchased. What model do you have? We can help you with the details and pay you for the current market value of your Rolex.

Rolex GMT Master II Joseph Diamonds Rolex Buyer, Sell Your Rolex

GMT Master II Rolex by Joseph Diamonds

Rolex Batman image via @Rolex Diver Instagram

What we offer:

Discretion - you will have privacy and security when presenting your luxury watch

Service - we strive to maintain the highest client care standards and have many repeat customers that sell to us and buy from us.

Consistent High Value Offers - because of our evaluation process and market knowledge we are able to offer the best cash prices for your items on a consistent basis.

We don't just buy Rolex, we sell too! Call us to buy a new or pre-owned model today.

Contact Joseph Diamonds today for a free evaluation or call 913-242-7150

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