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Why Sell Your Jewelry, Diamonds, and Gold at Joseph Diamonds in Kansas City?

Sell Jewelry to a Professional By Appointment

Choosing a reputable diamond and jewelry buyer is part of the process when making a decision to sell jewelry. Joseph Diamonds specializes in buying large diamonds, fine jewelry and gold-silver bullion. Convinently located in Overalnd Park close to I-435 just off Metcalf.

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Sell signed jewelry with Joseph Diamonds and have peace of mind. We buy Tiffany, Cartier, Hardy, Yurman and more. We are uniquely positioned to be able signed jewelry for more than pawn shops, chain buyers, cash for gold buyers and many jewelry stores. We are jewelry and diamond brokers that have clients around the world enabling us to pay more for you precious jewelry.

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Discreet Office Setting 

Joseph Diamonds has created a perfect place for an individual to sell jewelry. No need to walk into a jewelry store with your items, you will have a private consultation on your jewelry in safe and secure place of business.

One on One Appointments

We can walk you through the process of selling your jewelry and you get paid at the time of sale, no waiting and no shipping involved. You have no risk in selling your jewelry with us. We'll make a great offer with no pressure to sell. Read our reviews and see why people choose to sell their diamonds and jewelry to Joseph Diamonds.

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Either call 913-242-7150 or fill out the form below to set a time to meet with us. We're genuinely here to help you through the process of selling your estate jewelry, making it quick and easy. We'll respond to you in a prompt manner and get an appointment scheduled for you to come in.

Getting rid of your old, unused, or inherited jewelry pieces? Consider selling them at Joseph Diamonds in Kansas City and get the best value for your items right away. Our skilled appraisers can help you get the most out of your jewelry, diamonds, and gold.

When navigating the business of selling precious items, it's essential to choose a trusted partner. Joseph Diamonds has been a preferred choice in Kansas City for its transparency, honesty, and fair prices. Get the most out of your valuables with us.

Attaining the best value when you sell your jewelry, diamonds, and gold requires an understanding of the market value and the quality of your items. At Joseph Diamonds, we guide you throughout the process, ensuring you have all necessary information to get the best price.

Do you have gold pieces that are just gathering dust? Or have you inherited diamond jewelry that's not your style? Come to Joseph Diamonds. We will assess your pieces and provide you with a competitive quote

Overland Park's Joseph Diamonds is the place to go when you want to sell jewelry, diamonds and gold in or around Kansas City. With our experience, transparency, and commitment to offering the best price, you can rest assured you'll get the best deal from us.

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